Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Tea Towel Tuesday

Tea Towels. Tis the subject I will speak of today.
Do I hear a hush over the audience--from California to Greece?

Tea Towels?
From the girl who carries coupons for a brand of paper towel?
Why yes...yes....ME!
OK, cut to the chase, cause tonight is Dancing With the Stars FINALS and
American Idol FINALS and I have Blue Bell Cookies n Cream Ice Cream
Just callin' my name, plus a cat to plop and purr in my lap---!
Tea Towels--I want to conjure towels printed with my own photos-
Yes, I do.
A gulp was heard from the friends who know I pretty much
Flunked Junior High Home Ec... I digress...
What I've figured out is-must be a transfer, possibility heat transfer--
I've visited blogs, yet these Tea Towel Terrifics already know what they do--
I don't.
Must I make dozens of transfers for the dozens of towels I'd like to make?
Is there a one transfer that fits all? Is there a place that will do bulk?
I like pretty towels--when they're too pretty to even use--
The Quicker Picker Upper paper towel can't say THAT!
So, who out there can answer my questions and put me on the
Path of Tea Towel Tantalizin'?
Thanks in advance. If you were here- I'd share my ice cream with you....well...maybe... :)


Old Kitty said...


Have you tried these lovely people?


They print all sorts on t-shirts/mugs etc. They may do tea towels too?

Good luck!

Take care

Don's Girl said...

No, I haven't, Kitty! Thanks for the tidbit!!


ProudTejana said...

so did you find something? any progress? you really must visit the old craft store in carrollton - they can help you out. and probably joanns too - they always have classes on all kinds of cute things - yes the $$ i know but sometimes you got to spend a little to make a little

Don's Girl said...

I've been to Joann's yet didn't look at classes for transfers--thanks for the tip. With school and being comsumed about work, I realize I need to think of something just for ME!!

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