Friday, April 23, 2010

What's New?

Well, it's Friday--and I like that--but that's NOT so new to know.

What is new is, a local author, who is also a NY Best Selling author, who I asked to be part of a writers' conference cannot attend. Bummed, I am. Somehow, after she told me couldn't be a speaker, I wound up telling her about my middle age love story. A story I've wanted to write since I was in my 20's --when I didn't know about middle age anything--the NY Best Selling Author said my story "has great frame"-and asked if I'd considered turning the story into a screenplay instead of a novel? See, I told her I've always pictured Whoopi Goldberg and Danny Glover with a happy together ending, ever since "The Color Purple."

Never having written a screenplay, even tho, I once scripted a one act play, I certainly no problem getting "Screenwriting for Dummies". Nice encouragement, especially from someone I truly admire.

So stay tuned.

Now back to Friday. The kitties posted here await a chin rub and Friskies Party Mix treats. Alas, I'll leave you with classic Tom Jone asking a pussy cat, What's New?


Anonymous said...

I always thought Tom Jones was handsome!

Old Kitty said...


Well I'm sorry the author can't make it but what encouragement for your Whoopie Goldberg/Danny Glover script!!

I love that I can see your characters already using these great actors! I can't wait to see the film now!!

So you must write it - you must!

Whoopie and Danny need closure after Color Purple.

I hope your lovely kitties enjoy their treats as I enjoy sexy Tom Jones!

Take care

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