Monday, April 26, 2010


I toiled on a paper for school to discuss the importance of the diversity in the workplace and how it affects team dynamics...ya know--one of those FUN papers.

And I'm tired.

Really tired how the diversity of a full figured woman in something else than a before weight loss informercial, cleaning the house or anything but in a lingerie commercial lacks on TV. And here come Lane Byrant with a commercial with rubenesque beauties and it gets BANNED.

I guess the networks forgot those Victoria commercials and didn't get their own hour to show their underwear? Plus I am addicted to Dancing With the Stars--and tonight Pamela Anderson almost spilled out of her costume, while ESPN's Erin Mathews seemed to wear pasties over her bon bons--and well---maybe these barely nearly there costumes are for the dance--so being almost nekkid is 'art'?

The folks who banned this commercial have been lathered, bathed, rinsed and powered in double standard.

I'm tired.


Old Kitty said...

This beautiful woman got banned for being beautiful?!?!?!

I'm beyond horrified..!


I have to read up on this - there's been nothing here in the UK about this.

Take care

Don's Girl said...

Kitty: She and the rest of the ladies in this commerical we banned because they showed too much skin and clevage--which is funny, because of the scantily clad costumes on Dancing With the Stars. There's a store for full figured ladies called Lane Bryant. This is their latest commercial--and it was banned on the same network that airs DWTS. Big and sexy--we don't wanna see it.Do an Argentine Tango--we're all over it. I love DWTS and I'm a full figured girl...I ain't amused.

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