Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter II

Easter Sunday is Resurrection Sunday and the day I began my Spiritual Journey.

It was Easter Sunday 2003, I set foot in a church that had nothing to do with a wedding or mainly listening to Donny Osmond give his testimony. Yep, there was a point in time I research to be a Mormon--like back in the 70's. So, the only reason I was in a church prior to that day in 2003, was because of the Osmonds. Granted, it wasn't a bad reason. It just wasn't the right reason for me. There was void in my life--and it had to get filled.

OK, the whole point of this is, I'd pretty much decided to go to the church where I started my spiritual journey: Christian Chapel Temple of Faith CME. I hadn't been there since November 2008. I felt 'hungry' after more services than I liked. More Sundays, I wanted 'more' from the sermon. In fact, I'd leave Christian Chapel when service was done, and head to Inspiring Body of Christ Church, with Pastor Rickie Rush--which had 3 services then. That is, until the move to the new sanctuary in November 2010. Sure, there were Sundays I felt I O'D attending both services--yet I'd feel better. I realized I'd rather get more from The Word than not enough.

Even yesterday, I ran into a member, of Christian Chapel in the grocery store. In a part of town, I don't even live anymore. We hugged. It was grand to see her--and she said she'd even save 'my spot' in the sanctuary. Told her I was thinking about coming for a visit. She glowed and I was pretty sure I was gonna do it. When I came home, I was confused. Not sure where to go.

I wanted to see the church where all this started. Heck, I could miss a Sunday at IBOC. I wanted to sit in the pews and remember how I felt on that first Easter Sunday--oh man, I was so petrified that day in 2003. I carried a bible I'd purchased at Half Price Books, just for this church moment. I had yet to open it. Me? Church? HA!

Easter Sunday morning 2010. I woke up. Thanked God for the breath in my lungs and went to IBOC. No hesitation. Just got up and went. Other Christians may get the struggle I had yesterday. There was none today. I sat in a seat and within five minutes I heard a familiar voice.

Bear. My mouth dropped. At IBOC, right before service starts, ushers lead groups of the attendees in a circle of prayer. This is the first Sunday I'd ever been in a group where Bear said the prayer. In fact, it's the first time I've heard Bear say prayer--outside of grace over food. By the time Bear began our groups' prayer he'd seen me and waved. We hugged after service was over. One of these days I may need to ask him what goes through his mind at those moments.

Journeyed long since that Easter Sunday in 2003. I realized when another usher called me "a true Woman of God; " today-no where, before in my life, did I ever think such words would surge electricity in me--more than any other compliment.

Got more mountains to climb. And I realize some people in my life are not really getting where I'm going. I can deal with that.

I know a Light shows me the way.

And I'm OK with that.

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Old Kitty said...

The more I realise what the Osmonds mean to you the more I'm liking them!


Faith is such an incredible feeling to have and better still to celebrate - so it's worth going to all these lovely spiritual churches to seek it out and even more to be able to live with it intact.

Good luck with those mountains - they're hard work to climb but once on top - what a view!!!!

Take care

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