Saturday, April 10, 2010

April 10, 1976 was Saturday Night

And on this day in 1976, the word was: par-TAY!

Yep. Back in those NBC's Saturday Night Live Wasn't Quite One Year Old Days, this night was my one and only party-my 18th birthday party to be exact! After all these years, classmates still talk about it. No special entertainment or DJ-nothing of the sort, just sloppy joes, squares of cake with my name written on each one--and oh yea, two kegs of beer: Schlitz and Budweiser.

In those days, the legal was 18. It wasn't until later, Dad admitted he just knew he was headed to jail, since not everybody was 18. Oh and then the beer was gone in 90 minutes, so a collection was taken up for more. Last year, I posted about the day. Click here to take a trip back in time....

Now, to this day in 2010. I'm in the midst of my second whole day of my new age. When I was in my 20's, I thought people this age--were, well---old--and pretty much dead. Since I've made it this far, it's farther from the truth. Anyway, I've had grand day, which included being part of a chum's planning for her annual writers' conference here in Dallas. Come to think about it, it may have been more of the quiche than the planning...

So now I look at my cat filled and quite cluttered house. It does need some attention, especially my kitchen sink. Gotta make sure nothing grows in there. :) After all that, this Saturday night in 2010 ever so pales compared to my own personal Saturday Night Live exactly 34 years ago tonight.

No matter. The memory still makes me smile...

Now while this cat sleeps I'll clean Saturday Night Live is new tonight
Better set the DVR, since I may be asleep... :)
Some things change while some things stay the same!


Old Kitty said...


You got spanked by a classmate and broke a chair?!?!


That really was some party wasn't it?!?!?

I love that pic of you and your dad!

So happy, happy birthday lovely Thomasina. Good luck with your writing - your friend's writing conference sounds really fab!!! All the best with that!.

And it's saturday so if I were you I'd do like the sweet cat and nap!


Take care

Don's Girl said...

Yep. We broke a chair. I remember just BAM, we were on the floor. My Dad and step-mother saw the whole thing. They were there the WHOLE time. And the kid who was doing the spanking, was the principal's kid...ahh...a different time and place.

This my chum's 4th conference. And she wants it center on publishing and self-publishing. It's in June--so--which will be here tomorrow.

And the kitty. Sweet Boy, my Noir is--when he's sleeping... :)

Laoch of Chicago said...

What cleaning duties do the cats have?

Don's Girl said...

The cats just clean up to be cute.... :)

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