Friday, March 12, 2010

What More?


On Saturday, a good chum of mine gets married. Kinda start to hit--She's grown up from a brat (she knows I think this) to quite the polished, independent, intelligent woman--heck, my chum must zip to Brazil, a couple times a year, for business! Not bad, for a person who said she never really wanted to leave the department we were both in, those years ago!

However, the nuptial IS tomorrow, while today is the start of the weekend makes: FRIDAY!

For that and that alone, what more needs to be said about the joy this day brings?


Ann said...

Weddings are such fun. Have a wonderful time.

Doesn't it make you feel wonderful and light when you have good feed back from your class.

Don's Girl said...

The feedback was great--especially since I didn't expect it!!

And the wedding will have YUMMY cake! I know I'll cry like a baby. I've known the bride since 1994--and we did NOT like each other. A solid chumship grew!!

Old Kitty said...

Hi you gorgeous woman you!

What a lovely song and thank you for pointing me to psalm21 - lovely words indeed!

I hope you had a great time at your wonderful friend's wedding - so good to read about a fantastic and independent woman finding further happiness!

You know, all day today in the silence of this house, I thought I kept hearing my little cat - I even called out to her... so I went for a long walk and caught up with a good friend and we both laughed and cried together remembering this tiny creature.

Thank you again for being there for me in my time of grieving.

Take care

Don's Girl said...

I'm glad you spent time with your friend and laughed. That's a good thing. All will be fine---The Cat is watching and will be forever with you.

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