Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Relationships are something. They really are. There are relationships you wish would stay around until the 12th of Never. You're quite lucky if they last until next Tuesday. Which is kinda the case with me.

Someone I cared about (and he does care about me) -I told him that I'm OK with our Season of Separation. We had a few get togethers, in recent times, yet not like before. I'd grown use to him not being around much--for whatever the reason. Told him I appreciate his honesty and respect his thoughts on why he'd kept his distance from me.

For me, the distance has happened before in our relationship and well, there comes a time where you have to step away too.The realization that a relationship can run its course is oh so difficult.

No matter how much you care about someone. A Season of Separation-can make folks stronger and closer-and it makes you remember how special something once was. And how it can be again...



Old Kitty said...


Sometimes such a Season is so needed - sometimes such a Season brings clarity, focus and those oh so hard questions and oh so hard answers to bear...

Don't know if it makes the relationship stronger - I do know it makes the person a better one in the long run because such a Season could only bring inner reflection and introspection.

I think so anyway.

Big big big hugs...! Take care.


Admiral Hestorb said...

I very much like how you stated this. It has, of course, happened to me as well and had never thought of it like this You described it wonderfully and yes, it tends to hurt. But pinching off the stunted growth is good for the plant. (us).

Don's Girl said...

Thanks for your feedback--I appreciate it.

If the folks try to make a stab at a relationship again--whether platonic or romantical--it can be stronger. If the folks have grown wiser and know what to work on.

In my case, I think we tried to grow a bit too soon with each other...