Sunday, March 28, 2010

Salty Sunday

This photo is from yesterday and is my backyard. I bought this house for the very reason I didn't want in a house--a yard. OK--moving on...

During today's service, from the book of St. Matthew, Chapter 5, at Inspiring Body of Christ Church, with Pastor Rickie Rush, at one point, all sanctuary lights were off and nothing but a sea of cell phone lights could be seen. It tied to the message how we are the light--and let it glow for all to see. Trust me--it worked. Plus, how we are the salt aka the seasoning--to make the world around us tolerable. When we lose that flavor, all becomes worthless and salt gets trampled. This message hit me on all cylinders. I've felt lost, impatient for a variety of reasons. I wondered if I'd run out of toilet paper, since it seems I'd been in the toilet so long. Today's message helped lots. Pastor Rush reminded us, we could be running hurdles with folks that actually slow us down, even tho it looks like we win the race. That part is hard for me. Some folks are in my life, are those I love--yet at the same time, I get drained. I don't seem to run as fast. Quit running against people, because time runs regardless. I have friends who knew me way back when, and aren't too comfy when I speak of The Word...oh well. I make no apologies.

On this Sunday, the sun shines. Cats in open windows. Got to finish my last paper for my first college class that ends tomorrow. Then I ponder: can I really write 50,000 for my first draft of my novella by my birthday? (which is April 8th, to the rest of the world....) Lastly, I'm going to fry some chicken using some Southwest Ranch Salad Dressing, after I season it a bit with salt and pepper--Yep, you're right, I have NO idea how it's gonna turn out. But ya can't really ruin chicken...can you?

Stay tuned.

Besides Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream and a pint of fresh strawberries ease any woes...

I am blessed.


Old Kitty said...


Awww blossoms, lovely! Spring is so here.

What a lovely service and such wise words too.

I hope your chicken turned out ok! And GOOD LUCK with your novella. Of course you can do this, of course you can!

Purrs to your lovely cats!

Take care

Anonymous said...

Joel Osteen's message today was similar. His message was about finding ways to enjoy your life instead of waiting for the job to get better or until you've raised your kids or until you get more money. The emphasis was enjoy today. Sometimes joy gets lost in day to day living. We'd better take heed for the common message. I like your Sunday message today about God. I hope you do more of those.

Don's Girl said...

Thank you for the feedback. I do enjoy talking about The Word. As Pastor Rush spoke today--we also need Peace...and even when we're not happy, we still need Joy.

Thanks again.


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