Monday, March 22, 2010


As I gathered my trash to haul to the curb, my next door neighbor, Jesse, came over and asked if I wanted to learn how to prune my other crepe myrtle tree. He'd already done one, and the other was getting too up in the wires. I said, sure, however this adventure was getting too close to the start of Dancing With the Stars premiere show...

So I stood there, with gloves on, as Jesse clipped out of control branches and I picked them up and piled them. I hadn't realized how high the trees had grown. So by the curb are the branches with my trash. Jesse has helped me alot here. Both and his missus are nice and we're all about the same age.

After my crepe myrtle chop adventure, I came back in and hit my "PLAY" button for my DVR. Yes, I recorded DWTS. First night out, the Cincinnati Bengal Chad Ochocinco was better than last season's Dallas Cowboy Michael Irvin. And even tho there isn't the vote off until next week, I would NOT have a problem with Kate getting kicked off to go home to her 8...yep, not a problem at all.

Stay tuned.

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Old Kitty said...


Awww so good to know you have lovely neighbours - yay!

Now you see my curiousity is piqued by this Kate person, I might just youtube the DWTS American stylie!


Take care

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