Sunday, November 9, 2008

So Sunday

Barak is in the Bible.

Yes, he is. And no, I didn't know. Not until this morning's service at Friendship West Baptist Church from Pastor Freddy Haynes. My mouth dropped. Take a look in Judges 4:6-16. There was Deborah, a phophet AND a judge (folks probably hated on her) sent for Barak. Deborah informed Barak God commanded him to prepare for battle at Mount Tabor. with Sisera, who had oppressed the children of Israel for twenty years. Deborah herself would make sure Barack won the battle.

Yesterday, I attended a celebration for Barack Obama's presidential victory. We could offer a few words if moved, including poems and essays. I consider myself no poet. And the only folks who have read or heard my poetry (all 2 of poems) has been my critique group. More of a short fiction kinda girl I am. Yet, I wrote "This Day" about four hours before I read it before the group.

And Barak in the Bible? He won. With help from God, his soldiers and a woman. Hmm. History repeated itself on November 4, 2008 with another Barack.

This Day

November 4, 2008 was a day

When 14 million more people
Than before ventured to the polls
To make sure they had their say.

It was time for decision
To choose the nation’s new leader,
A Commander in Chief who they prayed
Really did share their own vision.

Would the choice be of Arizona’s John McCain?
Prisoner of War and a man labeled a true maverick?
Yet more often than not, words he chose
Were sought in desperation, sick and inflected pain.

Would the choice be of Illinois’ Barack Obama?
Who resembled none of nation’s past Commanders,
Also a true maverick for through storms, he proved calm, cool

He was nobody’s fool.

All over this land from the Atlantic to Pacific Ocean
More people than history has ever seen,
Of every color, of every creed had their notion
To stand in lines long, to cast their vote and then to wait.

For confirmation November 4, 2008 would be the day
Barack Obama was elected our 44th President of these United States
A Black Man, not to serve those inside the White House, but
Elected to be a servant of the people, by the people, for the people.

This is our day.


We are blessed.

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