Friday, October 17, 2008

Still a Friday Thing

Just had to comment on a couple last things: promise.

First: John Does Dave--finally. Got around to watch my DVR of John McCain on Letterman from Thursday night. Um, yea. Give John McCain props on just to show up. Me thinks Dave bought John's answers as much I consider prunes snackfood. Which ain't much. Don't get how to know the G. Gordon Liddy tie-in is different from Barack Obama's 'palling around with terrorists?" Me personally, the William Ayers thing is such a stretch. Dave had John McCain right on. And I wish both presidential candidates would be on Dave at the same time. To dream.
Second: Saw a movie today which made me teary. Doesn't happen much, unless it's the one scene in 'Dumbo'--however, I digress. The title was "Express, the Ernie Davis Story." It was if the movie was for me and only me. See, I was the ONLY person in the theatre. The thing I missed most was a cat in my lap. Never heard of Ernie Davis, first Black man to win the Heisman Trophy. Go see it. This young man left a legacy that lives on to this day. Dennis Quaid redeemed himself as an actor to me. Good! Good!
Third: my next door neighbor, Julie and I chatted through the window. She invited me to a 'girl's night out' they have once a month. Very sweet to ask. Told her I was in for the night and would get them next time. That's the kinda stuff I like.

Earlier today, I walked the park and sat on my bench. Pondered where I was on those yesterdays, when I sat there. Then with the invite by the neighbor and comfort embrace of my cluttered bungalow makes me realized where I am this day and look so forward to tomorrow.
Time for the cat in the lap.

I am blessed.

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