Thursday, October 2, 2008

Sarah and Joe's Debate Date

The Debate. Oh My. Well, let’s see. Joe wasn’t the pink Energizer Bunny and go on and on and on and on. However there were a times I wish Joe had spoken. Such as when Sarah Palin said her line about the ‘white flag of surrender.’ Or when she said Joe went back to the past, and needed to move forward. On the whole, Joe held his ground. I liked that. I admire him for keeping his mouth shut and not being a bully. Because, lets be real, if Joe had said something too strong to Sarah, I’m sure The View’s Elisabeth Hasselbeck would deemed him a bully.

As for Sarah Palin. OK—she didn’t flinch. No caribou in the headlights look for her. Yet, I tired of the pick at Obama (just as John McCain did), plus her down home folksy schmaltz such as “dog gone it” made my baby brown eyes roll. Also WHAT questions did Sarah actually answer? Asked what her Achilles’ heel was—uh, did she say? Also the word ‘maverick’ is so stale. If I were James Garner, star of the old TV Western, of the same name, I would ask the show’s name be legally changed to something else even though it was cancelled in 1962.

All in all: I so wish it had been Hillary against Sarah tonight. Then we would see who had the best lipstick. Since Hillary wasn’t there, I’ll go with how I’m still amazed how one party once made fun of the word ‘change’ and now that word is so much their drum beat. Once so eager to visit Alaska, now I’ll do it now if Sarah springs for coffee and dog gone it, show me Russia. As for Joe, I’ll let him spring for a coffee as we walk through his The Home Depot so I can hear for myself what folks think.

In the meantime, I will dvr Friday’s The View. Will this be the Whoopi makes Elisabeth cry? Will need to check the TV schedules to be sure SNL is on this week—because you know Tina Fey will not leave this alone.

Gotta love it.

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