Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Didja Ever....

Have one them days where you know you’re blessed and so grateful to have a job? Yet in the blink of an eye you get popped IN the eye –again—why the job you’re blessed with and grateful to have ,ain’t for you?

Yep, one of them not so much a hallelujah day was today.

Part of the problem maybe you’re the square peg tryin’ to be put in the round hole. Your tasks are so structured you’re asked, “Do you just not want to try?” Nope. Not quite. Because you’re structured enough to expect a particular direct deposit into your bank account every 15th and the last day of the month.

You have gifts. You have passions. God knows what you have, cause He gave em to you. The Holy Spirit is always there to help guide—if you’re open to the help. Why be so afraid to do what He tells you? Oh yea, that whole flesh thing about fighting cats for empty tuna fish cans, while they keep you warm under a bridge, because you lost your bungalow and the HHR Pumpkin of a car ran out of gas miles ago.

OK—so you exaggerate. You are a writer. Oh wait, that’s a gift. A passion. Your words. People, you least expect, give your feedback. Just a couple weeks ago, a woman you could not stand, praise you for a book you self-published a decade ago. Another woman came up to you, announcing she wants to write but doesn’t know how. Her youngest son is autistic and she wants to write children’s stories about special needs kids. She listened to every word you said. Then there’s a young man, he loves movies, so you call him Movie Man, reads your, blog (yet never leaves a comment) just about everyday, and never fails to tell you over and over and OVER how good of a writer you are.

Then, tonight you go for a two mile walk. Gotta clear the head. You sit on a bench and talk to God. List out your desires: Publication of your written words, people to listen to your spoken word, new job where your skills are utilized, money for more home improvements and the infamous cat food. Yes, you prayed big. BIG. Of course, He only knows if you’re ready. You have to do you part. You gotta show Him.

Hmm. Your worked on a short story today that is destined for submission to several publications-then sent out more than a dozen resumes today-then on your walk you gazed at other houses for improvement ideas-and you’ll set the DVR for “Private Practice” because of pretty Mister Taye Diggs because you need to run to Petsmart to get the cat food.

The Holy Spirit holds your hand tight. And in the meantime while everything falls into place as only He can do it, enjoy alittle Elvis Presley from 1960's movie, “GI Blues,” with the song “Didja Ever?”

Remember you are blessed.

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Anonymous said...

You're an amazing writer and a strong, wonderful woman. I know you won't forget that ... I won't let you.

And I have commented before! Just because I'm not getting chatty over every Osmond YouTube clip or Dancing With The Stars update doesn't make me any less of a fan. You know better than that! ;-)

Hang in there. This too shall pass, Steel Claw.

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