Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Scaredy Cats

I don't even have to wear lipstick and I'm still cuter than any pig trying to pick out their right shade.

Co-worker today saw a cat photo of mine. She stared at the pile of furballs in it. Asked if she liked cats. Oh no, she said, she's scared of them. I asked her why, since a cat is 1olb or so. She really couldn't answer. Said she'd always been scared. When folks tell me they're scared of cats, it's usually because they're 'sneaky.' Or cats 'look at them funny." Or a cat tried to bite them. When I asked what they were doing to the cat, it's usually there kids and pulled the cats tail. Well, heck, I'd bite you too.

Can give folks their props of being scared of cats, though. Once upon a time I had a problem with big dogs. When I was fourteen, the blind (key word:'blind') German Shepard of my best chum's grandma scared me. I'd just been standing there and my unknown scent probably set him off to take off after me. My chum laughed while I really wanted to run all the way home. The problem was we were about 10 miles from home. However, I can love on big and small dogs now. Cats--well, have my heart.
Why else would I read cat food labels to make sure corn gluten meal is not anywhere in the first three ingredients and buy cat litter that makes us all happy?
Eventho one just jumped on my mantle and knocked over a plant. This plant was housed in one of my favorite containers. Looked like a gigantic coffee cup. Could probably hold a couple gallons of liquid, until its crash to pieces on the floor. The best would be a thimble full now.
The guilty culprit? The one posted above.
Does he look sneaky to you? :)

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