Saturday, September 20, 2008

Saturday Short

What a glorious day! Emmanuel and his crew mowed my lawn today. I do need to invest in a lawn mower--just not today. :) Also my ice coffee drink awaits me. So proud I've pretty much mastered its making!

Today was the first time, I could rest in my own house and watch the Iowa Hawkeyes (I'm a Big 10 gal) play on my TV. They were 3-0. Now they're 3-1. They played Pittsburgh, a team not played against for some 50 years. The Pitt coach use to be defensive coach of the Cowboys--back in the glory 90's. Iowa lost by a point. Watching Iowa made me think of another Des Moines chum. We went to a Iowa game and I'm the only one out of 65000 people to get caught with alchohol. We laughed about that as we sipped more alchohol that night! :)

Did errands, including a stop at PetsMart. A couple shelters had dogs and cats for adoption. My chums reading this are saying, "Oh, didn't...." To ease their minds, I did not. Gotta be honest, I wanted to. Looked at the dogs. Would like a bow-wow buddy. Grew up with them. One I looked at was said to be friendly with cats. The bow wow buddy would have to be. Then I looked at the cats. I did think, "Wow--I could get another color!"

Instead, I bought the food, I came in for. Realized how much of an animal lover I am. didn't bring anybody home. Sure wanted to.

So I realized I all ready see me purchasing another house....a bigger one. Already know what kind of back yard I want--one where I don't have any neighbors behind me. OK--the chums are saying, "You just bought that house!"

Well, yes...yes....I did. And I love my bungalow-which I'll love more when I get it all cute. One can always dream and think of that next step.

Which speaking of step ....gotta go walk.

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