Monday, January 6, 2014

On the 6th Day

I tried to pull up carpet. By myself. Well, cut up one piece at a time.  How'd I do?

Failed--with a capital F.

OK, caught a YouTube video of a young lady cutting up her carpet. Her, dogs had done doggy stuff on the carpet--and just had to come up.

I could relate because cats rule my chateau--they've been ill or their litter box wasn't to their liking, and beside the carpet, which was in the house when I bought it in 2008,  was a light color I never liked--ya know, the carpet showed everything!  :( So up it has to come.

Underneath there is some orangish reddish tile with dark freckles. I'm sure it was a really hot pattern...once, in some previous century...Yet, the more I gandered at it--one of my rooms, where my desktop PC resides, is not carpeted. This tile (or is it linoleum?)  is throughout  the room. Honestly, I thought the tile could be something I would buy. Why? Because the color is different, and I like different.

The orangish reddish color would be pretty all shined up, with color compliments on walls, pillows-yea, even if took me forever to cut up the carpet, I would be empowered, I got giddy and would have been giddy-er--only if the...

CORRECT carpet cutting knife was in my possession. I bought a cheapy one, OK, I spent a dollar on it. Yes, a buck.  Roll your eyes. Reprimand me. Take away my Skippy's Natural Honey Roasted Peanut Butter. In my moment the surge to be empowered..

My buck utility knife marked just a line in the carpet I know so want gone. Pressed down, hard. Nothing,  but a line. A cat thought the line in the carpet was fun to bat.

At least the cat was thrilled.

Stay tuned.


scrapperjen said...

Oooo, DIY can be so fun sometimes.... Good luck!

Visiting from Love Peace and Understanding

Thomasina said...

Ya know, DIY might be fun..however on this 11th day--I have yet to really even get across the START line to even crack a smile...stay tuned! :)

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