Sunday, June 9, 2013

Sunday Thought....

The rhythm of the fallin' rain woke me up this Sunday morning. Felt good to be in bed. One cat curled to my side, while another glued himself to my leg. Circulation  was non existent. Since my bed was comfy cozy and I knew these cooler Texas, rainy mornings would be even more non existent as Summer inched closer--gave serious thought to stay put.

Yep. I figured I need not head to the Inspiring Body of Christ Church, with Pastor Rickie Rush, because--heck, I DO have the internet. Hence, I could watch the service via my iPad while I propped up against pillows, and sipped a cup of coffee.  Plus, the rhythm of the fallin' tempted me. Yep. I was gonna stay home.


The cats moved as I reached for the TV remote. I watched the news. A sad story of a high school student, just finished the school year, drowned. The news program showed a picture of a young man, smiling, all his life ahead of him. Now his family mourns and plan their loved one's funeral. No more choices will this young man make.

I still could make choices in my life. For a couple hours on Sunday, I can go to His house, especially since He's been my house ALL week.

Yes--got up, said a prayer for this young man's family, and to church I trekked.  I need to be in the House of the One who gives me strength--I am not guaranteed tomorrow.

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