Thursday, June 6, 2013

Plastic Pot Paint Job

Pretty in Pink:
is the name I gave this 21 inch plastic gem of a flower pot. Bought the pot, which was bland, neutral beige-y color at Dollar General.  Two shades of pink acrylic paint, with help from a natural sea sponge transformed the pot. I admit I fought the feelin' to apply a third color. Glad I  stuck with the two. :)

The pot went to my job, so a co-worker could take a gander at it.   A complete stranger thought  since I must have paid a pretty penny, I brought the pot inside because I didn't want to left in the car! People wanted to know which store the pot came from. Others couldn't believe the pot was plastic. Amazed, dazed and confused I was, from the words about plastic pot. 

My head was so in the clouds, I was about to grab a sea sponge and and transform every flower pot in a 21 mile radius!  :)

All good! 

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