Friday, June 14, 2013

Patient Purple Haze Vase

 As I trek farther into discovery of my inner-crafty self--and hit my head and say out loud to any cat that purrs nearby: "Wow, if I knew I really could DO something crafty, I maybe wouldn't have gotten C's, D's, and "incompletes" in junior high art class. :)  OK, fast forward to 2013 and the
object of my attention this day: 
A glass vase from the Everything is a $1 Store painted 
with Martha Stewart glass paints. The entire vase was painted white. 
I let the vase dry for an hour or two. I've learned it is best to be patient (oh, I so detest that word!) before another coat of paint is added. For the purple paint, I dabbed my angle sided paint brush all over the vase. Usually, I like to use natural sea sponges, yet the brush dab gives a groovy kinda look too.

I let the vase dry over night, just to be safe. Once again, that whole patience thing--then the vase was popped into a cold oven, per Martha Stewart's directions--turned to 350 degrees and baked for 30 minutes. Once the time passed, I shut off the oven and left the vase inside to cool off.  

I realize I should have put some pretty flowersin the vase. Hmm.  Well, just gave myself an idea for another post... In the meantime, there is just something neat about painting on glass. 

So, I suggest grab a vase, plate, wine glasses--anything and PAINT--your imagination has no bounds!   :) 

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