Friday, June 28, 2013

Friday Take On

Such an adventure to hold conversations with a man born in 1985.  

My life is their history. In 1985, Live Aid was on MTV--which I think still played only music videos. He has never known life without a computer or cell phone. Gasoline has always been over a dollar. Never known vinyl, unless his parents played some of their "old school" music.

When  look at him, I see a grown man, yet I see a kid who was born when I was out trippin' the light fantastic. By 1985, I moved back to my hometown for the THIRD time.  For whatever reason I wasn't quite making it on my own and my Ramen Noodles had done me in. While he was new to the world, wrapped in love with his parents.

Then I see the grown man again. And I wonder why in the world didn't they look like him when I was 28??? 

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