Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Egg Bake Soon

There here is a slice of Egg Pie. I admit to never made one. Except come Thursday night, if all goes well, that story will change.

A co-worker, I'll call Barkley, perked up when I mentioned I like to bake pies. Before I finished he asks, "Can you make an Egg Pie?" I stare at him. There is such a thing? I asked. Turns out yes...yes there is. I searched online and found this photo. Barkley announced "THAT's IT!" and about devoured the screen.  Barkley said  Egg Pie, was similar to a Chess Pie, only richer.

Now, I admit to also not knowing what a Chess Pie was until I moved to Dallas. However, I have since baked a few Chess Pies, They've received forks up and empty plates. So Thursday night I will bake this for Barkley and take it to work on Friday.

Barkley is 6'5, 28 years old, played college football and is on a workout regimen that makes this Saturday his 'cheat day' with food. He has the whole menu planned, except the dessert.  When I mentioned baking pies, Barkley offered to pay for his  beloved Egg Pie.

Stay tuned.

1 comment:

Old Kitty said...

And!??! :-)

How did the baking go!?!?

Lucky Barkley!

Take care

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