Saturday, June 8, 2013

Bittersweet Memory...

 This song reminds me of one particular man, who I'll call 43. Yep, 43 and it is not his age, but the number on his high school football jersey. To top it all off, I would say the 43 in French, so nobody knew what a couple of  freshman girls were giggling at.  OK, to fast forward about 100 years from high school, 43 and I reconnected at a high school reunion. And this song was one of his favorites.  Honestly, I hadn't made much attention, yet 43 jacked up the radio, sang along with it, and told me to sing too. Well, some gifts I admit, I do NOT have. :)

43 and I had a short lived relationship. The fact we lived a few states away from each other didn't help matters any.  Everything I hear this song I still think of him. More so, in the last few days even tho, we've not spoken in a couple years.  I found his mother passed away recently, and her funeral is today in our Iowa hometown. His mother thought I was OK, until she thought we might really be in love. The fact 43 was white and I was a gorgeous bronze shade didn't help matters any either. :)

On this day, I think of 43 and his family. I pray they remember the good memories of their mother and rejoice their parents are now re-united.

Life is a precious thing.

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