Monday, February 18, 2013

Monday Start New

Monday.  Why the should the first of the work week seem so..."meh"...?  The cat takes the day in stride. Lucky cat. 
Anyway, yes, I do know I am blessed to have a steady source of income---although you know there is something more. So one of those some "things" more I will announce:

Yep. Me. Etsy. Together. Can you believe it?  Nope neither can I!  The few sales I've had (and only since Christmas) have not been to family or  friends. They knew I was doing Etsy, however, when I was actually going to launch was another thing. I kept doing 'research and development'  to the point I realized I researched and developed a way to really procrastinate and not launch at ALL. I gave myself permission to tweak yet I I had to do IT...

Hence, here I am--my global launch. Woot! Sounds so cool--'global' launch--All you need to do is click on the patch and will take you to my shop. Those of you who follow my cat's blog, will get a kick out of the shop's name. Of course, there is a story behind everything--in due due time.  Meanwhile, take a look and let me know your thoughts! 

ETSY. Me. Who knew??

1 comment:

Old Kitty said...

Am loving your new look blog!! But better still yay for your global launch of your Etsy shop!! Wow!! That's super amazing!! Well done you!!

And the cards are lovely!!

Onwards and upwards for you! Take care

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