Thursday, February 28, 2013

Cat Anniversary

A year. 
A whole year since I brought this cat in from the outside. Her actual "Gotcha Day" was yesterday.  I remember I caught her in a trap at about 6:30PM or so that evening.  Decided to name her Mooch long before then. She mooched off me by hankering down in my shed. Actually I was OK, with the cat being there.  Heck, I knew she lived somewhere close by. This went on for 8 months. There was stretch, I hadn't seen her for 3 weeks--so I figured Mooch decided to stay where her home/heart really was.  However, something happened. She was in the shed more, I would find Mooch asleep on shelves. I put old towels and blankets in the shed. Watched her go in the shed at night, and come out in the morning. I would tell her, she didn't need to stay in the shed. That she could come in. Mooch wasn't ready for any of that. Sometimes I would take a flashlight at midnight, just to see if she was there--and I would wake her up.  Long story short, when I saw some cats do what boys cats do to girl cats, that was it. No kittens in my shed. I borrowed a cat trap and the rest is history...My other cats tolerate her. We made it year.  And I pray many more. 

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