Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election Day History Made

Today the President of the United States will be elected.
Either incumbent Barack Obama or the GOP challenger Mitt Romney
I cast my vote early last week.
Tonight, as millions of Americans, will be 
Glued to the television.
Regardless of the outcome--History once again.
On Election Day 2008 I blogged:


...And Now We Wait

The votes are now being tallied. I plan to pop some corn, curl with a cat, and wait....and oh, did I mention, pray? Regardless of this outcome, History unfolds before us.
I remember when Nixon resigned. My then best friend and I, were at Iowa State University, for a week long high school year book How To seminar, (to look back, we were 16 and had NO business being alone on a college campus with college age kids--yet, I digress). We sat and watched Richard Nixon, the first president to resign. My then best friend said, "We're watching history." 
Barack Obama's grandmother passed a day before the election. She didn't live long enough to witness if her grandson would be elected to the highest seat in the land. Then I realized, his grand mother may have known. How this night would turn out. That it was OK for her to rest then be refreshed as she walked with angels. Maybe...just maybe..."Toot" knew it was all ready done. 
Tonight, we're watching History again. Just wait a little while longer.

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