Tuesday, October 30, 2012

I See You!

A few things happened since we last peaked in on you. For this post I will tell you about my decision to drop/withdraw from my Statistics class. Yep. I am working TOO hard to get a "D". Considering my last exam was another "F"--I think it's time to call it a day. Online classes are cool---however a math course was too extreme for me, and I like math. This is a required class so I MUST take it.  Yet I need to have someone stand in front of me to explain  why I should care about a binomial distribution in a random sample of 44 doctors, with the mean age of 43 to find the probability of how many doctors are 41.5 years old is really so important to me. Hence, I need to be able to see and say questions to the teacher. If all goes well, I hope to take a Statistics class in person starting January. After December, I will have 5-6 classes to finish my Bachelors in Sociology. For the future I've pondered the thought of a dual master's, or master's/doctorate and then I remember Statistics.  I wonder my probability of either one and the certificate I would love to get from Harvard.  Stay tuned. 

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Old Kitty said...


I think giving this a rest until you recharge is a great idea!! Yay for you!

Love Noir and his beautiful eyes! Take care

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