Monday, August 6, 2012

August 6, 1974 was Tuesday

.....and home from Las Vegas trip for four whole days. All my rolls of 126 film were 'in the shop" as we use to say back then--and I waited, what seems like years to have them developed and returned. Let me say, those rolls of film might as well be crystal. Fragile. Delicate. One of those rolls held my my prized possesion photo of me with Donny Osmond.  Special cargo indeed!
**Let me back up a moment.  Dad, my cousin, and I were in Las Vegas until July 26. I hated the thought of leaving. I mean, I would be leaving the Osmonds!!  Plus, I'd met three girls who Greyhound it from outside Philadelphia to Las Vegas. We met in a hallway were the Osmonds would head to the backstage door. Those three girls and I had bonded and nobody wanted anybody to leave. Well, Dad wasn't feelin' any of that. Our next stop would be Phoenix, Arizona. So I had to say good bye to my new three friends--who remain y friend to this day--and to the Osmonds. Would the Osmonds even know I was gone? 
**** Yep. An aunt and cousins lived there. Once they lived just 35 miles from us, now they lived in another time zone. This was my closet cousin. I loved her. She was like my big sister, but she was NOT an Osmond. Once I got to Phoenix, I did have a good time. And I did talk my Dad into letting me stay a couple more days, while he and my cousin went on back to Iowa.  Those couple more days were August 2, 1974. Once I got back into Des Moines, I still lived another 35 miles away. My uncle was going to drive me from his daughter's place to my house. He just lived a few blocks from me. The thing is I had TO get home by 10:30 PM.  Why? Because the Osmond Brothers were to be on the Tonight Show and their new single, "Love Me For A Reason."  After some pouting and yawning, my uncle drove me home thinking I was just 'so tired from my trip."
***Sure, uncle. I made it with time to spare to watch guest host Joey Bishop introduce my fab five. I got goosebumps all over again.  Ya know, like any fan, I wondered if by some chance they remembered me...maybe? 
******To cut to the chase, I still had to wait a couple more days for my film to arrive. I don't think the kids of today could fathom we waited a week to see photos. My heart raced as I inspected each packets. I search for my infamous version of crystal. Where was it? Don't tell me the girl who took the picture didn't really take it?? Then:
Yea. My heart sank. Blurry. Right after my photo, there's the photo of the girl who took the picture with Donny. Her photo, that I took, was clear--although she was looking the off to the side. Donny was smiling right at ME....with MY camera. I did send the photo the girl as I'd promised. Here I was, sending her a gorgeous photo, even tho she looked off to the side, and I get Blur City in my Iowa small town. I just knew this was going to be the best there ever was. Would I ever get a chance to see Donny and the rest of his Brothers ever again--so I could get a better photo? And make more memories? Would I?
*************Stay tuned! 


Old Kitty said...

Oh no, no, no!! Oh look at that pic -it's ruined! Ruined! Awwwww!!! This is exactly why digital cameras were invented! LOL!!

Take care

Disneypal said...

How disappointing - I know you were upset - still good proof and good to have the photo but I'd been upset too after waiting with such anticipation to see the photo only to have it be so blurry :(

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