Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Tuesday Tweak

My good chum Old Kitty asked if I liked doing the edits for EC last night. After careful thought, the answer is yes and no.  
Yes, because I hoped I made his documents better. Also, I hope he liked I put the business' graphic on the documents (he did.) EC said I went above and beyond. 
The No part comes in that after about 90 minutes of tweaking, I purt near had enough.  I spent more  time deciphering what EC wrote. Plus how to put the info in some kind of order. This turned into a two hour event. 
The final product was good. EC just changed a couple words. I told him today, he is getting off pretty easy, because I did not charge him. Anybody else I would have.  EC's response?

"Well, I did get you that Blizzard yesterday."
Stay tuned.  

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