Thursday, July 19, 2012

Two Week Wander....

Been two weeks since I posted.  I must apologize.  One of the main reasons, was I wanted to share what happened about one of my  terra cotta pots. Giddy I was as I shipped a pot to a high school classmate in Iowa. Thought I packed the pot all snug. Secure. And everything. 
I wait for my classmate to let me know said terra cotta had arrived.  Anxious I became, when the pot didn't show up on the day I was told--it went USPS. My class mate said not to fear. They lived in a rural Iowa town---all 800 of the population. I had a surprise for her, and I couldn't wait for her to get the box.  The main pot, was a 6 inch terra cotta--the one in this link--but I also put two 4 inch pots--one bluish and on purplish inside. Honestly, I didn't like the six inch pot, and I thought the smaller ones were much prettier. The package arrived in a couple extra days. I couldn't wait to hear from my classmate. Well, turns out two of the pots were broken.
I gave the durability of the terra cotta more than it deserved.  My fault I didn't protect the the treasure enough in the box. Shoulda done a bigger box. Coulda bubble wrapped, padded them more. I am still heartsick this happened--this was my first shipping of pots. 
Bummed. Bummed. And more bummed.
My class mate said the surviving pot is pretty. I plan to send her another pot. Wrapped better. More secure. I admit to feeling like a failure.  What if this had been a paying customer and they received a busted terra cotta pot?  I am grateful my classmate was understanding. 
Learned alot on this lesson.
In the meantime, I will take a cue from the cat posed pretty here. She likes my terra cotta pots any which way--just as long as the pots don't detour her from the food dish....Stay tuned. 

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Old Kitty said...

Oh noes!!! Oh how awful for you!!! Oh dear!! I am so sorry!! Oh but one pot survived - so that was good and your friend was not only understanding but very happy with the surviving pot!

I always say things happen for a reason and this happened so you now know what kind of wrapping and packaging are required! Go forth and conquer!! Yay! Take care