Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Ya know, getting acquainted with new co-workers is quite an adventure. Wonder if any of the new co-workers will evolve into a friendship?  Outside of  job training together, questions start to pop up when a connection seems to be had. 
****Where do you like to eat? What church do you attend? What movies do you like? Music? Like animals?  Conversation, laughs abound. Maybe a new friend. How fun!! 
**The co-worker maybe new friend tells you their age.  You do math in your head. Smile and hope your eyes do not glaze over.  
***Turns out when you were your co-worker maybe new friend's age, their mother gave birth to them. .  
************************Adventure indeed!


Old Kitty said...

They are getting younger aren't they!?!? LOL!!

Take care

Thomasina said...

Yea....and WHEN did that happen???