Monday, June 25, 2012

Monday Mash

Hello everyone! Been out of pocket for a few days--mainly due to my central air conditioning on its last gallop. And, I live in Texas where 100 F temps have made their annual return. I knew the a/c was going, yet not this quick--the a/c guy  confirmed this the day after Memorial Day. He pumped my unit with three pounds of Freon at 70 bucks a pound--hoping it would last the summer. Then I could replace the whole system--which costs more than $29.99. The thought of going into more debt just right now, on an item you use to think OLD people plunked down cash for--I wasn't feelin'. My financial situation was now on the rise, and did not feel like saddling myself with this--just not now, unless of course, it was a black Mercedes C300--I digress, Back to the $210 worth of Freon--it has been a yes/no situation. My house can me sorta cool, yet not the ice berg it could be at 80 F degrees. The a/c guys says I have a leak somewhere, so  with the thought of Freon 70 bucks a pound I jimmied with the thermostat, figured I had it figured it all out. Thought I could make the hot so cool house livable.  
**Last Thursday night I got home from work. One step into the house, my house was a sauna. Over 90 F degrees.  The outside temperature was close to 100F. I have cats who I instantly felt guilty for. They had to endure the roast. Had enough of this.  
*****A co-worker had suggested I get a couple a/c window units just to last me through summer. I poo'd poo'd it off--until Thursday night. Up to a big box home improvement store. Purchased a  Frigidaire 5000 BTU air conditioner window unit just for my bedroom--to see how it would do.It is for small spaces up to 150 sq ft.  A young lady helped demonstrate how to install. You could do it she said.
*Yea, by Friday night I got the sucker in. Weight of it, was not a problem. I lug heavier cat litter bags. Nope. My first issue was getting the screen OUT of the window. I would have had the unit in, if I could get get the screen OUT. Night had fallen and I afraid some bat, affected by radiation and be 18 ft wing span would swoop through the open window. I would wait til Friday.
**I did not even stop to get a Starbucks Mocha Frappucino on the way home Friday night.  I wanted to get this puppy in my the window. I got the screen out, fiddled with the unit and finally--FINALLY got it in. Secure in the window. Friday night, my room was so cool, I needed to put a cover over me.
Tis wonderful!  My cats decided they loved me more too. 
**I will purchase a bigger one for my living area. I should be able to put that unit in alot quicker--because I am so DIY and know how. The house is lots, LOTS cooler, even with this smaller unit. We'll be fine for the Texas summer. Gives me time to budget my dollars. 
**I was going to post a picture of  the window unit, however how cute really is that?  Instead here is  the kitty in who refuses to let me throw away the packing and the a/c box. She's claimed it as her own---for now.
Now, if you will excuse me, I need to go relax in the cool of 5000 BTU...


Old Kitty said...

Awwwww well done you for lugging this a/c home and installing it yourself too!!! Marvellous Mooch is one happier kitty for it too! Yay! Take care

Eric and Flynn said...

Glad you got your cool back!

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