Friday, June 29, 2012


Another triple digit day here in Dallas. It is June. Better get use to it. And I gotta say, the window a/c unit that took me a day and a half to put in, has done its job better than I ever imagine!
**Before I go bask in the coolness which also includes a TV and remote, let me tell you I got in trouble today at work. Yep. Kinda felt like a trip to the principal's office. Although the reprimand took place a few desks down from my own.
***What did I get in trouble for?  Oh, and another co-worker got pulled with me. We were both stumped. Turns out we were called on the carpet for giggling and laughing. We disrupted those around us. 
*****Really?  OK. Yea, I admit, we did take a few minutes from our job, and did a laugh about silly stuff. Was a nice, quick break. We tried to keep it not so loud, and just amongst ourselves. Evidently we failed.  I was OK with all the manager said, because it was wrong if we bothered other folks. Then the manager said the person who reported us, supposedly told us to quiet down.
****WRONG.  Never happened. And it should have. I was a bit floored with that. Then ya know, it hit me that today IS Friday. So I took a deep breath and remembered Starbucks waited for me and our end of the week date...
Not bad..not bad at all. 

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