Friday, June 8, 2012

And had the day off.
Which was good --
Got a wheel alignment on car--
And gee--amazing how much
Smoother my horseless chariot glides...
Hmm. Maybe I should have gotten one sooner... :) 


Cynthia Smith said...

I love looking at your pictures of your cats and crafts. Girl, you got talent! The photography is on point. Do you do calendars with with the cats and flower pots and the witty things you say on here? You should! I see stationery, envelopes, journals, oh my!

Thomasina said...

Cynthia--your words mean SO MUCH to me! The things you suggested are all in my 'research and develop' phase. The whole inner crafty thing came about in early 2011. Before that anything artsy craft were grades of "C" and "D" in junior high art class! :)
Once again--Thank YOU and stay tuned!


Old Kitty said...

I haven't a clue about cars as I've never owned one and do not know how to drive (yikes!! LOL!) but you getting a wheel alignment sounds most impressive! Yay for you!

Aww is that Mooch showing off her belly?!?! Good for her! Take care

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