Sunday, June 3, 2012

Drip Down Terra Cotta

I gathered up my nerve and tried to do what I have seen online. Paint that drips down a terra cotta pot. What you see here is my first foray into what I call 'drip drop' painting. Wasn't quite sure what look I was going for, yet this is not really quite it, however the more I look at the pot. I kinda like it. 
***This is a 6 inch terra cotta, with Thompson's Water Sealant sprayed on the inside. I painted with all acrylic paints, including the white base. I flipped the pot upside down and then went--well--a little nuts. I did not  know different paints would do different things--like, oh, not drip! Hence so many colors. 
*** The lesson here is, use runnier paints, like Michael's store brand, or some Apple Barrel gloss paints. After seeing what happen, I'm sure you could dilute some of the thicker paints,with water, so they will drip. 
***The pot needs to dry for along time. I would say a good overnight to 24 hours. 
***For me, on my next terra cotta drip drop try, I won't use as many colors. Less could be more in this case.  And I'll spray with a gloss sealer to give it a more finished look. 
Stay tuned. 


Old Kitty said...

Oh but I love the different colours though!! Can't wait to see how using less colours and runnier paint will do though - how exciting! Take care

Cynthia Smith said...

Can you do vases, too?

Thomasina said...

As for doing vases--yes, you can. Just get the right paint, if you do a glass or porcelain vase purchase paint especially for it. Enamels are for glass--which are there by the other acrylic paints. I've not worked with porcelain. The main thing is the paint being runny enough to 'drip'--able down the vase. I'll try to post one here soon. I have the perfect glass vase.... :)

Anonymous said...

That will be awesome! Can't wait to see yours!

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