Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Dallas does DALLAS

....again! WAIT! DALLAS 2.0 as the media calls the show, starts a 10 episode series starts. I will be glued to the set. Hey, I was one of the millions glued to the TV when DALLAS came on. There were no VCR's, unless you had a $1000 to get one, once VCR's were invented, that is This original  DALLAS, was must see TV Friday nights. I lived in Iowa then.  My roommate and I would not leave the house, to go dance the night away, until we got our dose of JR, Bobby, Sue Ellen and everybody else in between. I do think the original jumped the shark when Bobby died, however what's done is done.  
***This brings us all the way to 2012. When I first heard about a new DALLAS series,  a year ago, I could not wait.A whole year?  UGH.  It was filmed around Dallas, including the infamous Southfork.
***Now DALLAS is back. All new. We have all aged some the show went off  in 1991.  I do not care-  I get to spend time with old friends who made my Fridays fun before I went out to have even more fun.
***Gotta get my popcorn ready. 

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Old Kitty said...

Oh you must tell me how it went!! Can't get it here unless I pay for it! Boooo!!!

Take care

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