Thursday, April 19, 2012

Night Before Friday...

Today is the next to  last day of this particular training class for the new job. Then two classes, over a span of a month,  before I actually do my new job. OK, so today, we broke up into four groups to put on a skit to explain our particular topic to the class. *sigh*  We've done this for a week.  This go 'round, one of my skit mates, was as a young man, I'll call "C". He became our director so to speak. Turns out his little quirk is he loves 7-11. Yea. 7-11. He likes he can get cash back, the Big Gulps, and went nuts when 7-11 started selling wings and pizza.
Yea.  C was serious on this. Maybe because he was born in the 80's?
Anyway, my other co-worker, the one who talks about my speaking? I'll call him Wil. He made sure I spoke this morn--I turned my head, and he stood right beside me! Yes, I did say "Good Morning"  
Now, if you will excuse me--I gotta go do what this kitty does so well...... 

1 comment:

Old Kitty said...

I have a manager who could so be my daughter! LOL!!!

Men!! Much prefer mankitties!

Take care

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