Thursday, April 26, 2012

Next to Last Day

of this second phase of training for the new job. I am happy bout that. I cannot tell a lie. Granted, I have learned quite a bit and grateful for it. Yet, I must be honest about my impatience on a couple fronts. Yea. Yea. Sure. It might be all due to the generation gap. It does exist. Majority of co-workers are 70's and 80's babies. I was doing other things when when these folks were in pre-school--like discovering the true meaning of Pabst Blue Ribbon beer--I digress. What I must remind myself of, I was their age once. Giddy. Loud. And the older folks  grew impatient with me too. Just when did this turn of the hands of time happen? The other impatience stems from the co-worker who said I did not talk much.  Yea. Yea. Sure. Well, somewhere along the way, I tried to talk to him. And he's few years younger. Dished up a few helpings of chat. I smiled. Thought I was witty. However, he seemed to deposit a  few words and strut on. While on the other hand, his looks toward me from other parts of the room or he stands close to me (like today) in silence, speak otherwise. Here again, I have not read the rules in the "How-to" book for this particular game in a decade or two or three. And I ain't got any plans to check the clearance bin of Amazon for said "How-to" book. I have decided to not instigate any chit chat. If he does want to chat, I am right there.  
OK.  Yes, I know I should be more understanding.  Patient. Friends are not made over night. .
Am I being too rough?  Be honest. I can handle it....uh...well... :)  

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Old Kitty said...

I think you handled this young buck well!! I hate games young people play - I've been there - done that - and moved on! LOL!

You just be who you are!

Oh and the longer I work here the more I get surrounded by co-workers born in the time when I was a teenager!!

Yikes! Take care