Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Middle of the Week Look

...and you remember I told you yesterday a co-worker told me  I was so 'quiet'?  Well, it happened today. Again. With the same co-worker.  Yep. This go round, as afternoon break ended, he held the door open to go into our classroom. He whispers how I still was not talking.
****Huh?  I had been talking all day it seems like. To the trainer. To co-workers. And he says, I was doing no such thing. 
*****Oh. I get it. I was not talking to HIM. That was all that, until we left for the day. We were in the hallway, and somehow he was squeezing my hand. I was talking about talking--and the co-worker said, I coulda talked to him early this morning.
*****Huh? He quit squeezing my hand and started to walk away. I had to think what was he talking about?  
*****Oh. I remember first thing this morning, we were in the lobby, with other co-workers.  Our badges weren't activated yet to let us on our floor, so we waited until 8 am. I saw him across the room. I guess my bad I did not go over to him to say something. However, he could have said something to me. This is where I have been single for awhile and forgot the play book and I am not 20. 
*****Tomorrow is another day. I will take another look.  


Old Kitty said...

WHO is this man!?!?
:-) You tease!! :-)

Take care

Thomasina said...

HA! Well, Kitty--he's a co-worker, I met a week ago.And that's about all I know...for now. :)

Stay tuned!

Katie Isabella said...

Hm...I'm intrigued!!!

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