Tuesday, April 17, 2012

In A Row...

You have been quiet.
A total of four people, at work, told me this for two days in a row.
Yesterday, my new job trainer and two peers told me at different times. One young lady said she heard me only say two words the whole day yesterday. That wasn't quite true, however, I am amazed when folks tell me this.  And Then today, as I tried to do e-mails on my phone, during break, a man from my training class said the same thing!  He actually said I was quiet today too. 
OK. Granted, he kept talking to me. Telling me he divorced his wife, (while last week, he said he was married)  had a son and all--then he says, since I sit up front, right in from of the trainer--he expects me to get up and take over the class!
Honestly, if I knew the material, I would.  Anyway, I am not sure how this guy knows this-the me taking over the class part. We've only spoken only once, during a group work skit/activity we had to do last week. Hmm.  OK. I forgot, he did fluff my hair in front of the class, during our skit. We were playing a married couple. His fluff of my natural, curly locks made me speechless.  The class laughed after I go, "Hey, that's MY hair. It's REAL!" The trainer was shocked too.
Me quiet. There are some days. Yet, I am surprised when folks notice and fluff my hair. 
Stay tuned. 


Aurora said...

hmmmm....sounds like an interesting group. yes i can totally see you taking over the class. Why HAVE you been quiet, not like you....meanwhile i've been totally opposite that this week. will have to fill you in next we see each other...

Old Kitty said...

Ok, I know you were playing a married couple - but hey! Hair is sacred! I'd have reached over and rumpled his hair -see how he likes it!

Awww Tommy - sometimes you need some alone time! :-)

Take care

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