Monday, April 16, 2012

Blue Monday

Made it thru another day of training for the new job. The material I do find quite interesting. However, the way the material is conveyed is a major snooze fest.  We read all day, copy and paste text for our notes--then hope we copy and paste is on our final assessment. Oh well. If the material itself were a bore, then we would have a real problem. It is not. So we do not.
****On to more colorful subjects.  Posted here is a painted plastic flower pot. Yes, plastic and originally gray before the magic happened. I sand the pot with 120 sandpaper  and then sprayed Lowe's Valspar primer for plastic on it. Once the pot was completely dry, I used an angler brush, no sea sponge this time, to paint metallic acrylic blues and a gold outside and some inside. The finishing touch was Mod Podge acrylic gloss sealer. Honestly, I liked using the angler brush for the look it gave. I still used the bristles to daub the pot like I would with a sea sponge. All in all I like the brush's look. 
****Now if you will excuse me a cat stares at me to be petted or they just smell the pizza in the oven!

Stay tuned! 

1 comment:

Old Kitty said...

You've so transformed this pot!! It's beautiful!!!

Take care

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