Thursday, April 12, 2012

Belated Bunny Hop

***OK, so Easter AND my --uh--18th birthday (kinda--if you do the math right!)  were this past Sunday on the 8th,  however I wanted to share this photo. The back of the photo says I was three years old.  My face tells me I may not know what to think about yon Easter Bunny.  Hmm. Looks like I do not have any candy in yon basket-hence I may have been upset about THAT! 
***I look at this photo and smile.  I realize all I had to worry about was candy, toys, and watching The Flintstones on one of three TV channels in existence then. What more was there?  
***In 2012, I look around and smile. I still like me some candy, especially chocolate Easter bunny ears. I like toys--especially if  it is built by "Mercedes-" and I can still watch The Flintstones on one of the over 250 channels I have now. 

Life is so good.  Pass me the bunny.  


Old Kitty said...

Awwww you look so cute!! I do hope you got lots of sweets from the adorable bunny!! Yay!! And sweets are totally ageless! :-)

Take care

Thomasina said...

I think I got a basketful worth... :)

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