Friday, April 6, 2012


My birthday. Yep. In two days. On Easter Sunday. 
I like my birthday being a holiday--a religious one at that. Folks have asked me what big doing's do I have planned.  I will go to church that morning--just feelin' blessed. Outside of that no hoopla. Yea. OK, there will be cake and ice cream! 
Otherwise, the days days of rock n roll all night and partying every day have ceased. Good memories tho. LOTS of good memories which still make me smile to this day--like at my 35th birthday. See, I was with some chums who threw me a surprise party with this cake that...uh...well, and  that same night a drag queen told me she wished her bon bons were real like mine or then out on the patio when....well, enough on that. Some memories are just left to the memory bank... :)
Smiles and all. 

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Old Kitty said...

Awww what a great fun memory from your 35th birthday!! But an even more special one is to come! Having a birthday on Easter Sunday is just fab!!! It's a day of rebirth and joyful celebration!! Yay!! Take care

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