Friday, February 17, 2012

Terra Cotta Chat

The picture of this terra cotta pot is now wallpaper on my phone:

As I started to show it to a co-worker of mine, she asks: "Is this your boyfriend?" As much as I would like a man 24/7, not everything has to be about a man...

Anyway, when I showed my co-worker the picture, she forgot about the man question. The first word out of her mouth was: "Gorgeous!" The co-worker went on to say she could picture the pots on her balcony and gee, "YOU could do them for me!


Stay tuned.


Old Kitty said...

This pot is totally gorgeous! Who needs a man when you have beautiful unique and totally stylish pots like this to admire and adore!! Yay!!! Take care

dewatobay said...

cool! did you print the image on mulberry paper? I saw your post regaridng printing on mulberry paper on the Creative Diarist blog!

Thomasina said...

Nope-no mulberry paper here--this time :) I painted using metalics paints.

Thanks for stopping by!

Thomasina said...

Here's a link to my try with mulberry paper. It was a 'test' plate. I've played with it since then. I LOVE mulberry paper!!

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