Sunday, February 26, 2012

Granite Sunday

A terra cotta pot with a faux granite finish. This is a four inch pot purchased at Michael's. I've read their terra cotta pots are already treated on the inside. Nobody has confirmed that-so if you know for sure, please let me know! Nonetheless, I went ahead and sprayed Thompson's Sealant on the pot's inside. This helps the paint stay put and not absorbed by the pot.

The pot is all metallic acrylics paints: amethyst, plum and gunmetal gray. I painted the entire pot with the amethyst. Then I natural sea sponged the plum around the pot, with some of the amethyst shows thru. The gunmetal gray was sponged on, yet not as much as the plum. Just enough to give the hint of the darkest shade. The finishing touch was the sponging of amethyst over the gunmetal gray.
Once dry, I LOVE this look.

I prefer metallics and shiny/gloss paints to obtain this look. I did use a Martha Stewart yellow satin acrylic for another pot. I did like it--yet not quite loved it. I showed that pot to a chum who did like the finished product.

The beauty of doing faux finish pots is there is not wrong or right way. It's just your imagination running away with you!

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Old Kitty said...

And what a great imagination you have too! This pot is delicious!! Yay!! Take care

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