Monday, January 16, 2012

Slow Down...

A few things happened since we last met up. Had a couple days off from work which helped me get all set for this semester in school. One class meets every other Saturday, starting on the 21st. We will see how that goes. After last semester, to battle traffic after work, on top of wonder if I'd even get off of work on time to get to class, did me in. An online class starts tomorrow, so another adventure awaits, plus I want to take a couple classes at a community college. The are required for my degree and cheaper than my university. Those community classes will be in half the usual semester time. Should be all of an adventure. Oh, and one last thing of school, on Saturday I got the idea to pursue my Master's in Communications. The reason will be for another post.
OK, and the other thing which took up my time is my hot water heater decided to conk out. Yea. At 5 AM Saturday morning. The sound of 'something' woke me up. I thought the toilet was running. Wrong. I've learned in the last couple days, I'm blessed because my water heater is in my hallway, and not my attic. The poo-poo stuff is, this happened on a weekend, a holiday weekend at that, for us in the States: Martin Luther King Day. Seems my city requires a permit to install a water heater. Who knew? Well, today was national holiday, so city offices were closed. I know more about water heaters now than I did on Friday.
I will need to boil water for a couple more days. I feel so Little House on the Prairie, until I plop on the couch and surf thru my over 200 TV channels. Nonetheless, the cost of the water heater was to remain in my bank account for something FUN. Water heaters are what your parents buy...not US.
Oh well. I'll go back and tickle the cute cat's tummy. Makes me happy. :)

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Old Kitty said...

Oh Tommy!! I saved up enough to really pay for a great holiday - I so need one - and then my front teeth broke. And my spectacles fell apart. And of course both optician and dentist found extra things wrong with me and then Charlie had to go in for an emergency (he's fine!!!) so all my savings that I put aside for a fun holiday for years, disappeared in about 3 months.


But the way I see it - you get yourself the snazziest, fun-nest, most brilliant water heater ever! So there!

Awww sorry you have to keep boiling water though...! Hope all gets sorted soon!

p.s. am looking forward to your post about your Masters in Comm. adventures!

p.s. Handsome Noir is so cute!

Take care

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