Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Phone Phun


I did not stop by the phone store to pick up a phone, or change my TV and internet service. I just was not in the mood. Who wants to hear what I should get, when it wasn't what I wanted? I just want to pick out a phone and just be done with it. So no stop there. At least not tonight.

Technology is something. Who ever thought a phone could do what it can do? I am still so old school I think a phone should just ring. No need for a GPS, just get a map.

The good thing in all this--I realized I could get cell phone discounts thru my employer. I spent most of the day trying to read and figure out the website where I could get these discounts.

Let's just say, another is another day.


Old Kitty said...

Now that's a great deal! I hope you get your discount!

Personally I say booooooo to mobile phones! LOL!! Take care

Thomasina said...

The whole mobile/cell phone has so taken over the universe. I do see a purpose for emergencies--however, to folks on them everywhere--what happened to just talking face to face with somebody...

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