Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New Thought Tuesday

I stopped in the little neighborhood crafty store, Googly Eyes tonight. Hadn't been there for while and of course I ask myself "Why not?" I guess I have been working on my crafty stuff and had not sought out their help...until now. *****Googly Eyes has my beloved mulberry paper in a plethora of colors. Their price was somewhat cheaper and selection more vast than Joann's. While I checked out with my bounty of paper, Meg, one of the owner's, and I started to chat. Meg is just a couple years older than me. We bonded over the Dallas Mavericks Championship run last Spring/Summer. *****Anyway, a week or so ago, I sent her a photo of one of my test decoupage glass plates. Tonight, she told me how much she really liked it. I nearly fell down. Coming from a crafty person extrodinnaire got me all giddy. Now THAT made my day! *****As Meg and I chatted, she asked what I thought about doing with my decoupage plates-if I was going to just leave them as plates. I had not thought that far, since I still looked for the perfect plate to decoupage. Well, Meg brought up changing a plate or two into clock. *****CLOCKS? Meg knew another crafty lady, who happened to be an animal loved (so you know I perked up on that) makes animals as the subject on the clock's face. Really? What a cool idea, I told Meg. A cool idea indeed. *****New thought for a Tuesday.
Stay tuned.

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Old Kitty said...

Plates into clocks and vice versa?!?!

Oh Tommy!! How wonderful!!! And how brilliant to have such a most fabulous friend too!! Yay!

I am doing like Daddy Peyton and staying well tuned!

Take care

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