Friday, January 20, 2012

Friday Frapp

76 F was the temperature in Dallas as I left work today. Yep. I decided the weather was warm enough to take a spin thru Starbucks. I just had to purchase my first Mocha Frappucino in 2012. Yep. I certainly did.

The temperature told me it was warm enough for to deserve such a treat.

A chum of mine and I discovered we visit Starbucks at different times of the year. She is more of a 'go when it's chilly outside', for her warm caffeine fix. While I am a 'go pretty much every day that's over 75 degrees' to get my cold beverage treat.

I realize I don't visit Starbucks for their hot beverages. I think because the coffees are too strong for my taste. If anyone has a Starbucks hot cup o coffee they like, please do tell. Otherwise, I will wait for the next unseasonably warm Dallas winter day.

Something bout the whipped cream on my Frappucino makes me smile....


Old Kitty said...

Ooooh maybe the Starbucks here in the UK is different but the one and only time I bought a cappuccino from them - well - let's say I didn't finish the drink! LOL! It was so weak! Oh it was thin and just- well- pants! LOL! Sorry Starbucks!!

Awww glad you enjoyed your frappucino with the nice weather! Take care

ARod said...

I luv a grande cinnamon dolce when there is a chill in the air - hits the spot. :)

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