Friday, January 6, 2012

Dance Ago Friday...

Yep. That's me. In all my six year old glory. The woman is my dance teacher of a few years, the late Betty Mae Harris. She taught in my small Iowa town for 41 years. For those same 41 years Betty Mae taught in another town about 25 miles away and continued there for few more after she retired from mine.

As for me, I remember this was right before the recital started. I was the second or third one on the bill which was great.Betty Mae's recitals were all night, glorious affairs. Anyway, those first few numbers the dancers all stood on stage, in a farm setting. I got to hold the baton for this twirler, until she was ready to take it. I think she could have been in high school. When she took it from my hand, she said "Thank you" to me. I felt so special! :)

My routine was a tap sensation called "Ol McDonald Had Some Jazz". Hold back your applause. :) If I remember right, I got chicken pox after this recital. What a way to spend some of my summer vacation from school!

So I smile at this long, long ago Friday night memory. Trust me, Ed Sullivan did NOT tear our door down to get me to appear on his show!

Dance to dream...always.

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Old Kitty said...

I think this is just a most wonderful picture - it speaks volumes and you can just write a whole load of stories just by looking a this pic!!

Thanks for sharing, Tommy!! Wonderful and so Ed Sullivan's loss!!

p.s. sorry you got chicken pox straight after!! Oh dear!

Take care

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