Thursday, January 12, 2012

Couple Thoughts

while I was out about today...

The first being the price of a pan to bake lasagne: $79.95 USD. Yea, the pan was quite the gorgeous red, yet for a nickel shy of eighty bucks the pan was not THAT gorgeous.

Then in another store my tally was $8.51 USD. The young lady, who was the cashier, after she gabbed about kids' birthday parties to the other young lady who just now said she took her Christmas tree, looked at me with her jaw on floor. Why? Because she assumed I was paying credit. She had put in 'credit' in her register. Informed her "cash." Really? the young lady asked.

I wanted to say cash is still used in some part of the world. Alas, I did not. Perhaps the change would throw her off since I gave her a $20 bill. Anyway, the other young lady she was yapping to decided she had some work to do and walked off.

...and the thoughts do keep tumblin' along!

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Old Kitty said...

Well that was most presumptuous of this young lady! LOL!! She needs to return to retail school! Oh dear!

I do know what you mean about some stuff that are GORGEOUS, GORGEOUS but really is it worth that?? I mean I love my Cath Kidston things, especially her range of bags but for nearly £60 plus per tiny bag?!?! Are you serious?!?! It's not that gorgeous! LOL!

Take care

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